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Raymond Burket


Startups: Particularly technology startups

Web and Smartphone applications

Philanthropy (and the philanthropic sector): Giving back and doing good


Past Lives

  • Acquired binary and combinatorial logic around age 8. My first “computer” was my father’s Brainiac Kit K17 circa 1958.
  • Dabbled in Fortran and Hollerith cards in the late 70s and early 80s at the local junior college.
  • Worked at Digital Research proofreading CPM documentation. Picked up assembly language along the way.
  • Computer engineering major (1989) at CSU Chico with math and music minors. My senior project was a multiprocessor computer designed for rapid RSA encryption/decryption based on dividing the operations using the Chinese remainder theorem.
  • Recruited by Extended Systems in Boise, ID. First project is a LaserJet II accessory card that allows the printer to send and receive facsimiles. Wrote the firmware to execute the fax protocol as well as working on designing the fonts for sending faxes. Later worked as a Systems/Sales Engineer and Support Lead.
  • Joined ProClarity (formerly Knosys). Wrote the first OLAP-based mapping visualization as a plug-in for ProClarity Desktop. Significant work in consulting, support and product development.
  • Started the first incarnation of Watusee. Business model was to work with top-flight designers and design firms too small to warrant employing full time technical staff. Design and programming/developing web sites. Picked up Django along the way. Some work in non-profit sector.
  • Signed on with Foundant Technologies in Bozeman, Montana. Brought on as the third member of start-up team for SAAS grant management software. Managed R&D, Clients Services and Cloud Infrastructure. Grew company from 10 customers to over 200 clients and ten of thousands of users.
  • Rebirth of Watusee with an emphasis on web applications and complex web sites envisioned by Raymond Burket and his partner Michelle Aranda.



Music: In particular the music of the Manding people of West Africa.

Stories, Land, History and Connections with a smidgeon of genealogy.

Life: Most of the classic Bozeman stuff–hiking, fishing, biking, skiing, dogs and Subarus.

Literature: primarily 20th century and later fiction and poetry.